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Summer courses to explore creativity...

When children learn to love reading, it is natural for many to want to begin writing.  In an effort to encourage creative writing, Libros para Todos began to offer creative writing workshops for children and adolescents.  In addition to writing, each course includes another artistic discipline such as theater, painting, illustration, film, or photography. The teachers are all professionals in their fields and the course has no cost for participants who come from many different rural communities.

LPT began offering summer courses in 2017.  To learn more, email


The summer courses are offered in the months of July and August in San Miguel de Allende and in Dolores Hidalgo (as of 2020).  

The course lasts five days, includes all materials, snacks and lunches, and there is financial aid available for transportation costs. 

In addition to learning creative writing, art and theater, the children from various rural communities are able to meet and make new friends.   

The children enrolled in these summer courses mostly come from low income communities and without this opportunity, they would otherwise not have access to educational opportunities during the summer.    It is important to keep children engaged and learning during the long summer break just as it it is importante to give children the opportunity to develop their budding interests and passions. 

One child remarked, ' this has been the best week of my life.' 

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